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If you are getting "Time Out" errors:

If the system is timing out, it may be due to a loss of secure connection, which is usually caused by net congestion

If you do not clear your cache files periodically, you may experience longer loading or browser closing times. In order to improve your performance on the web, we suggest that you occasionally clear your cache.

Below are instructions to clear your cache for various browsers. If your browser is not listed below, we suggest that you use the help section of your browser or contact their customer service center.

Internet Explorer
1. Click the 'Start' button'
2. Select 'Settings' and click 'Control Panel'
3. Double-click Internet (or Internet Options) and select the 'General' tab
4. Click the 'Settings' button in the Temporary Internet Files section and choose 'View Files'
5. Click 'Edit' and select 'Select All'
6. Press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard. If prompted to verify that you want to delete your cookies, click 'Yes'

Your computer stores copies of frequently accessed pages in the memory cache or disk cache. This way, the computer doesn't have to retrieve the page from the network each time you view it.

To set the size of the memory cache or to clear it (Windows and Unix only):
1. From the 'Edit' menu, choose 'Preferences'
2. Open the 'Advanced' category and click 'Cache'
3. To clear the 'Memory Cache' immediately, click 'Clear Memory Cache'
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